Affiliate Program Agreement

Effective Date: August 23, 2023

Welcome to Studio 96 Publishing's Affiliate Program! By participating as an affiliate and creating content for us, you agree to the terms of this Affiliate Agreement and Content Usage Policy (the "Agreement").

1. Content Creation

You agree to create content and publish on social media platforms, as outlined in the Affiliate Program you have elected to participate in upon completing a Studio 96 Publishing Affiliate Program form ("Affiliate Program form"), hosted on, and officially signing up as an Affiliate Partner. The guidelines for content creation can be found in Guidelines, below.

2. Compensation

In exchange for your the content you create, we will provide compensation as outlined in previous communication as part of our Affiliate Program. Communication via email, the platform, the platform ("Affiliate Communication") is sufficient. Compensation may include payment, or may include complementary products.

3. Guidelines

Upon completing an Affiliate content form, you will receive content guidelines we provide you via Affiliate Communication or on an Affiliate Program sign up form itself. Guidelines may change between campaigns, depending on Studio 96 Publishing's goal for the campaign. Guidelines may include how many pieces of content, type of content, and social media publishing platform. Types of content may include posts, stories, or videos. Social media platforms may include TikTok, Instagram, BeReal, Facebook, Twitter, or others. Your content must align with our brand values. Content should not include any Prohibited Content, e.g., offensive language, discriminatory content, illegal activities. We may request revisions of content before you publish. Unless otherwise outlined in our Affiliate Communication, should you publish on a social media platform prior to our approval, this Agreement will be considered materially breached and will be subject to Termination as outlined below. You agree to as many revisions as discussed in Affiliate communication. All captions that accompany content on social media platforms must include the Affiliate discount code or discount product link you are provided upon completing an Affiliate Program form. Failure to include this in a post will constitute a material breach of this Agreement.

4. Ownership and Usage Rights

Any content created under any Studio 96 Publishing Affiliate Program is considered a Work for Hire, and all intellectual property of the content created under this Agreement belongs to Studio 96 Publishing. We grant you the right to use, distribute, and display the content you create for promotional purposes. You may use the content in your portfolio but not for commercial purposes. Studio 96 Publishing retains the right to revoke your right to use any content should you violate this Agreement.

5. Disclosure and Compliance

You must disclose your relationship with us when posting content related to our products/services. Content and endorsements must comply with laws, regulations, and platform guidelines.

6. Term and Termination

Should you materially fail to provide the content as outlined in the Guidelines, Studio 96 Publishing will charge you the full amount of compensation. In the event of a product compensation, Company will charge for the full amount of the products sent to you.

This agreement starts on the Effective Date you complete an affiliate program form and can be terminated by either party within 30 days of written notice. Immediate termination is possible for a material breach.

7. Confidentiality

Both parties agree to keep non-public information confidential.

8. Miscellaneous

This agreement is the entire understanding between you and Studio 96 Publishing. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of New York. Any changes require written agreement. Your completion of an Affiliate Program form indicates your agreement.

Please read and agree to this Agreement. By participating as an Affiliate Partner, you acknowledge and consent to the terms outlined here.